Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners? [ Myths & Features]

do dobermans turn on their owners

A mistake inevitable in society is how people judge a being based on their looks. The statement has no less prejudice, even for the Doberman dog breed. The Doberman dog is often mistaken for their narrow features and stern look. The misconceptions and claims about the Dobermans dogs have led to many questions; one of the questions is, do Dobermans turn on their owners?

Some are also hesitant to have Dobermans because of the myth that Dobermans dogs are aggressive because of their frightening appearance, and they can even turn on their owners. But do Dobermans turn on their owners? The answer to the question will be discussed in the article, relating to the different topics about Dobermans.

Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners?

As previously stated, Do Dobermans turn on their owners is a question based on the myth. Because of the stern and narrow features of the Dobermans, they are referred to as one of the most aggressive dog breedsOpens in a new tab.

Considering the above-stated facts about the Dobermans, the answer to your question, do Dobermans turn on their owners, it is confirmed that the myth about the dog is a lie.

What are the Myths about Dobermans?

The primary reason for all the misunderstanding about Dobermans is the prolonged myth passing in society. Because of the different myths carried in society, the Dobermans are not considered friendly and loving dogs for an owner. But in the following, we will discuss the misconceptions in each myth about the Doberman dog breed.

1st Myth – Dobermans Turn on Their Owners

The reason that led to the myth is that most believed that a Doberman’s brain keeps growing inside a small skull, which eventually will explode and cause the Doberman to attack this owner. But scientifically, the myth cannot be proven because it is obvious when the brain explodes inside a skull, a dog will die instantly.

But, as stated previously, the Dobermans are naturally protective and loyal dogs. They are dedicated to safeguard the owner and their family, being obedient. However, the because of their overprotective nature, they tend to defend fiercely, but the Dobermans never turn on their owners.

2nd Myth – Dobermans are Not Safe Around Children

Because of the Doberman’s frightening appearance and stern looks, they are often referred to as an aggressive dog breed. Most fear leaving children around because they can get fierce and attack children. Since Dobermans are commonly used as guard or police dogs, they are hardly seen as family dogs, favorable dogs for your children. For this reason, Dobermans are not even raised in a family with little kids.

However, according to the previously discussed myth, the traits of the Dobermans include how loyal and obedient they are. They mean no harm to your children because they are naturally protective of the family; these dogs are also one of the smartest and most intelligent breeds, and they can adapt to the nature of your children. Having Dobermans around your kids will also keep your kids safe from any dangers out in the yard, but since these dogs are strong, Dobermans might hurt your child by mistake during playtime.

 What are the Features of a Doberman Dog?

In the 1870s, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann bred the Doberman dog to give a fierce look in the eye but to be a very loyal and obedient dog. Doberman dogs look strong, compactly built, and powerful. Their sleek muscular body, with long narrow heads and pointed ears, makes the dog look unwavering. Thus, the primary reason for all the misconceptions is their stern look, which was intentionally bred.

What are the Characteristics of a Doberman Dog?

Since Dobermans are portrayed as fierce and aggressive dogs, we will prove the misconceptions in the myths by explaining their traits and positive characteristics of them. Below are the characteristics of a Doberman briefly explained,

  1. Loyal

One of the natural traits seen in the Dobermans is their loyalty toward their owners. Since the Dobermans belong to a pack family, their trait to protect the owner and family members comes instinctively.

  1. Smart

According to the research, Dobermans are among the top 5 smartest dog breeds. Thus, they are intelligent enough to think before they are impulsive with their actions. Since these dogs are smart, they also can be trained easily and tend to stick to their owner’s words.

  1. Obedient

Because of their natural habitat to be loyal, and their smart trait, the Dobermans are obedient to their owners, and the chances they will turn against them are very low.

  1. Protective

As previously stated, Dobermans are pack animals, and it’s their natural habitat to protect a pack. Thus, when a family buys up Dobermans, it will protect the owner and their family like its own.

  1. Friendly

Though the Dobermans are mistaken for their aggressive look, they are friendly dogs. These dogs are smart to understand your language and emotions and have the ability to maintain constant eye contact. When a man and dog share their feelings, they become best friends. A dog who is a good friend of its owner will rarely turn against them.

  1. Loving

Dobermans are also called Velcro dogs, which means they always love following you around because of their loving nature. The Dobermans are also overprotective over their owners for this reason.


Dobermans were initially bred to give a fierce look in the eye but were also loyal, obedient, and loving dogs by heart. Their aggressive features have led to many questions, like do Dobermans turn on their owners?

But a Doberman might get aggressive if a family member is in danger or threatened when injured when suddenly woken or physical abuse to them. Apart from these reasons, Dobermans are not usually aggressive dogs.

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